Cloudy day

After five rolls of film taken with my Spotmatic i am now sure that something is wrong with the shutter or the camera's curtain,for every time i need to close the lenses the left side of the photogram is very very dark.
I will take my baby Pentax to the doctor now.

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  1. well I love both shots, your friend is so pretty ;)

  2. Sara, that happens to my Nikon as well when I use a shutter speed below 1/125. I suppose that in your case as well, the curtain closes too slowly for the shutter speed.
    I hope they'll manage to repair your Pentax - I kind of gave up with my Nikon and won't ever shoot below 1/125 anymore.

    Anyway, I love these two photographs!

  3. Cool diptych! You know, even with the dark corner it looks very artistic. Some people will go to lengths to get this effect with Photoshop layers. It gives the photo a lot of mood. It's quite nice!

  4. Aww I hope it's an easy and not too costly repair, I get really sad when ever my cameras get sick :( On the upside, it's actually a nice effect, though I imagine not something you want to happen always!

    1. yes, it scares me it is a little bit random and sometimes it can be a drag not to have the full photogram with light...

  5. It is still a pretty picture... Good luck for the visit to the cam doctor:)