Tell us your story

The idea came from Nina : to create a zine with stories about vintage things, i will take some pictures and we will mix it up with some selected 70`s patterns.  

Tell us the story of a vintage thing, something matured and 
used, something you rediscovered and locked in your heart. 

Write us to storytellingthings@gmail.com and let's make something beautiful together!

Cristina & Miga


In the farm

The invisible person

'Life kept rolling her over like a piece of driftwood

 in the surf of an angry sea  
 she was intelligent and beautiful and well-off 
she made friends easily yet she wasn’t
able to put the pieces together
into any recognizable shape
she wasn’t sure who she wanted to be 

so she ended up being no one in particular
she made herself almost invisible 

she was the person you loved so much who really wasn’t there at all.'

James Laughlin

Nuno & Miga