About two weeks ago i turned 35 years old.
Still can not believe it, i guess when i think of myself i still see the 17 year old me.

Say goodbye to June

June was a month full of people to enjoy, i did not had the chance to take photograph all of them but here are a few nice pictures i took:

Angela , who i didn't saw since last year - we met in an event in Serralves where people can enjoy for free the gardens and the museum during some frenetic 48 hours where all sort of thing can happen;
Nicolau, a wonderful crazy boy that besides being a really good friend is a wonderful designer and illustrator helping us building the website for our guesthouse.
Katherine, a talented photographer traveling all over Europe for the summer and whom i am currently hosting at home.

I want summer nights to be warm so i feel like going out, i miss going out just for a walk and meeting people and then staying in the street talking and laughing.