It's been almost a year since Matilde is living with us.
João found her on the street just outside in front of our door. We already had Simão, a male cat that makes funny breathing noises and as soon as João called me downstairs i said 'bring her up,she´s home'.
Simão and Matilde aren't best friends but learnt how to live together and are in this very moment sleeping very close to each other next to me in bed.
It´s a rainy saturday but i feel so lazy and happy that i don´t care.


Saving my eyes for the trip


A couple of weeks ago me & João went  to Marco de Canaveses (a rural city 50 km from Porto) do get some plants - we came to the knowledge that there was a Green House there giving the trees,vases,flowers - everything away because they sold the place and wanted to get rid of everything(!!).
We woke up really early and went there but when we got to the place there were a lot of people that already took it all and we were a little disappointed but decided to enjoy the trip, it´s been a while since the two of us did not got out of town together.
We discovered another greenhouse along the way and bought a beautiful Bambu tree and went exploring the roads with no signs and decided to get back to Porto by the river side.
I was so excited to be outside the city limits that forgot to take more pictures.
I just left the anxiety of capturing everything behind me and focus on my senses.
In being there.
It was a good Sunday and i intend to repeat this little car rides along the year.


Picnic Nostalgia

 It´s freaking cold outside and i´m dreaming of days where i can just wear a dress and sandals and go onto the streets for a walk,no need for heavy coats,boots or long sleeve sweaters.
It´s a good night to invite the girls and plan a picnic to celebrate Spring as soon as April warms up a little more!
I took this pictures in August, last year  - it was the first picnic i remenber beeing a part of  since i was a kid and it was a great afternoon.


God bless our little city terrace

...a place to sit down, clear my mind from what's beyond the boundaries of this walls as my eyes move slowly watching the seagulls dancing in the sky.
The air is still warm from the late afternoon sun and while the cats sleep next to my bare feet i think what a great idea it was moving here two years ago.
Before it was just an old house in a not very famous party of the city,now  it´s our precious home.


You can't live in an imaginary world and find something real

I've missed writing. i've missed the endless hours making lists,questions,long breathless sentences.
Sitting in a cafe,just looking around and feeling things coming together with a sense,making everything ok,even if the thoughts  i was pouring out  on the paper weren't the happiest ones.
  It´s been around two years since i have stopped  doing this in a regular way,and it hurted.
Until now.
Been writing a all lot more again,left aside my role as a firewoman,always prepared to answer to everyone´s emergencies and matters and returned a little bit more to myself.
It´s so easy to forget who we are in this world,to blend in and just disappear in other people expectations.
I´m trying to remember.
At the same time,decided that i would also try to share something other than my pictures and go away from my safe zone and write in english,think outside my everyday vocabulary.
Here  will be the place to come and keep some track of my growth on the big wide 'outside reality.
Hoping to create a little online time line tenderness.