You can’t choose what stays and what fades away

Today my blog is one year old.
It's been so fun & therapeutical at the same time - this little corner of the internet actually made me write more in real notebooks, take more pictures , (re) learn how to make lists and *dream*
Sometimes it's so hard to recognize  that there was a time in this life were i could not do none of that but now is now and i feel so much better.

p.s thank you, nice people who spares a moment of their time to leave a word or two here - makes me happy to realize that no matter were we are in the actual planet Earth there is so much more to empathy  than i thought.



 it was spring for one week here, but rain and wind got back pretty hard and it's wintery as it can be right now...
today we celebrate a holiday in Portugal - no work-day *hurray for that*, so i guess i'm going to enjoy it imitating Matilde in the pictures above!



Remembering beautiful places

This cafe was called 'Aia ' - situated in the first floor of an amazing house from the 19th century it was a great spot to eat brunch or drink a nice cup of tea and i loved every detail of the decoration but it was only open for a short period of time.
this pictures were taken two years ago, when ArianaCris and me had a little ladies gathering (you can see half of me doing my usual mirror stalking in the last photo).

Today i walked by this building and decided to pay a little homage.

Wishing 2013 will bring more comfy cafes and  lovely tea houses to Porto!

It´s here

fresh breezes
longer days
flowers blossom
the blue in the sky bursting me with happiness &
infinite possibilities



I miss the beach

this one is very close to an oil refinery and it´s not exactly the paradise sort of beach, but i love the contrast between the colors of the sand, the sea an the industrial landscape that surrounds it.



i will have some time to laugh, talk and take pictures with Nuno... i've been feeling like a hermit, days go by without any real physical contact with people besides João and work colleagues but now i feel ready, available and in the mood for little gatherings - i even started organizing the first picnic of the year, yeah!

A little corner of my desk

...and a glimpse of my first ever writing machine, thrifted in February!

Will try to use it as soon as a get some writing tape.


Best store in town

If you ever come to Porto, please visit this A vida portuguesa, you will not regret it.

It's situated in  the first floor  of a charming old warehouse, the place to go if you want to find and bring home some portuguese goodies.

In the last picture you can see Catarina - a friend and also a brilliant entrepreneur  that decided to dig deep in our national cultural & industrial inheritance and generated a whole new interest in old crafts and long forgotten products.
The portuguese shop was the second to open, if you can make it to Lisbon go pay a visit to the original store!

Say hello to my front neighbor(s)

The most beautiful house on our street

This enormous palace with a never ending lush garden is for sale since i was a little girl and even now when i pass by it i still daydream of  living there <3
Must start playing the lottery, i guess!

This time

 Getting home and eating my afternoon snack is my favorite moment in the  day, lately.

Alone with the cats i can savor my  big cup  of cereals mixed with
+ strawberries
+ chia seeds
+ tiny bits of dark chocolate
& a spoon of honey.

I take a deep breath, get comfortable and watch the light dancing in the wall while i eat.


Note to self

"sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith"
 margaret shepard

p.s.this week i will get back posting,write my story,show a little bit more of my everyday life