Life lately

Spending almost all of my time in the room with Simão & Matilde while trying to heal this mysterious malady affecting my arm.

Today i went back to work - dressed myself in bravery and hope but returned house feeling so much more pain than in the last few days so i'm once again in bed together with my hot sack of barley seeds scented with lavender.

I wonder if i'm being deaf towards my own body, if i should just stop and make an effort to listen to it.

Maybe courage is to change direction and leave this job.



By the sea

I took this pictures in the day my left arm started to hurt and i got a little scared when i noticed that almost all of the photos are much darker on the left side!
Let's hope it was something wrong with the film and not with the camera, i'm having so much fun using it.

Getting better


Kiki & Nicolau

Kiki was abandoned in the street - inside of a box,very sick, but once discovered everybody around moved so she was saved and loved.
She lost her eye but filled our hearts.


A little update

One week of sick leave and my left arm and back are not yet ok.
I'm left-handed so i can't do a lot without feeling awful pain...

Hope this time of forced pause teaches me something, the first lesson seems that at least now i feel very silly when i think how much i complain about 'life'.

Health is freedom.

Wishing you all a great weekend*


Life lately


Three days missing in action,a garage sale, a 10km walk by the sea, late lunches, a lot of writing to do - stress caught me somewhere along the way and now i can barely move my neck or my left arm...
Hope a warm bath and a good night of sleep will help.
Wishing you all a great monday!