Happy birthday Ariana

This lady turns 30 today and we are all going out to the park and celebrate it together along with food.
Yes, picnic time!



Matilde being sexy in the laundry basket

Missing my long hair today

Life lately

After almost two years of using anti-depressants and finally being able to have an existence without their support is like looking at things for the first time with such clarity and detail that is really hard for me to define.
Medication helped me but to make sure the help gets done it also numbs the senses at a certain point - i was not blind but i felt a thin veil around my life that is now unfolding.

Intuition is in the tip of my fingers, my body is so restless, my eyes so curious.
I no longer feel i am drowning in the changes happening around me i feel finally i was brave enough to take a dive and explore the other side of things.


I will wade out

' i will wade out
                        till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
                                                 with closed eyes
to dash against darkness
                                       in the sleeping curves of my body
Shall enter fingers of smooth mastery
with chasteness of sea-girls
                                            Will i complete the mystery
                                            of my flesh
I will rise
               After a thousand years

 And set my teeth in the silver of the moon '


Matilde being sexy in an unmade bed


'We broke everything that was right 
 We both enjoyed a good fight
 And we solved all the holes we had to breathe
 To make the other one leave
 And we stole every moment we had to make the other one feel bad
 And we hoped that we could be what we knew
 We would never turn out to be real

And I loved the way you looked at me
And I miss the way you made me feel
When we were alone. '

Picnic nostalgia