Leaving the boat behind

'Through the air there's a fluffly cloud falling down as rain'

A little update:
There is actually much more than a fluffy cloud in the sky, the air is misty and my visit to the beach was postponed until the weather clears and i can go and spend some time in a beautiful place i love.

I'm not even thinking of getting myself into a bikini, i just want to walk around, eat a Tripa de Aveiro
(a kind of semi raw crepe with cinnamon and the best egg cream in the world), sitting by the river beholding the line of colorful houses that for so many years were my child & teen summer background.

The end of September makes me even more nostalgic than usual.
Not sad -  just contemplative and with a heart feeding itself with the warmth of memories.


Life lately

Long walks around the city with Maia & spending some quality time in a beautiful community garden near my house.


Seven days

One week until my next vacation.
Counting each day like it's my last days in prison.

When Estrelinha had babies

These were Satin and Velvet, they only stayed with us for 2 months and after that my mother gave them away to a friend.
I never saw them again and i got a little nostalgic when i found this photo in my files.

Enjoying the end of a summer afternoon

at the Guest-House.



Today is cleaning day

When you have so many rooms to clean and organize sometimes you forget your own space.
Today i'm going to fix a little bit of the mess in my room - i always feel so much better afterwards.

Become better

“Accepting oneself does not preclude an attempt to become better."

  Flannery O’Connor


When Ariana had bangs