Life lately

Oscillating between not wanting to take my pajamas all day long while indulging into the many pleasures of domesticity or going for long walks around the city in my most glamorous dresses.

In the middle of all of this i take pictures at the rate of heartbeats, like my life is depending on it.

Have a great weekend you wonderful people.

Juliana & the kitty mittens


Pipi hanging over the glass ceiling

Her favorite place at the moment.

Before sunset

It was very cold, raindrops came by from time to time to say hello but i still crossed the bridge to Gaia and watched the sun waving goodbye before it's light faded into to blue water of my beloved river.


Sunrise with Simão


Even though my heart is quiet now,
I still listen to it.
I do not listen to my head.
All it does is provide commentary while I do the things,
I did not know I would do.

I do not listen.
I still listen to the quiet in my heart.'
Iain Thomas



In the kitchen

Carla & the white fluffy coat


Life lately

'We are so accustomed to disguising our true nature from others, that we end up disguising it from ourselves.'

 La Rochefoucauld


Old buttons

Two friends