Can't take my eyes of you

I´m one of those girls that once in love with new shoes takes them everywhere and takes hundreds of pictures of it.
Can't help it,i guess!

First pictures of the year

After a very fun night spent at a friends house celebrating, we woke up and went for a walk all the way from Ribeira until the sea begins in Foz Velha, a considerable distance but we forgot all about being tired for the sky was so blue and there was a general feeling of hope embracing us.


Farewell 2012 - part II

 July: Ariana in a good mood in one of the picnics made this year.

 August: Nuno and Miga (the sweetest dog ever) embracing while waiting for the sun to go down.

 September: Having a snack in one of the many afternoons where i had the house all by myself.

 October: Could not resist recording this moment of João taking a nap.

 November: came home after a long day,put down my sneakers and bag and getting ready to wear my pajama.

 December: Finish a roll of film in the bathroom mirror.


Farewell 2012 - part I

January: I made a short trip to João's parents house in his hometown, a little village called Paião and finally met Clarinha one of the family's cat.

February: spending some quality time in gardens, trying to guess the name of flowers and trees.

 March: me and Simão taking pictures in the office (at that time a very,very messy room).

 April: practicing a favorite hobby - visiting houses for rent!

 May: Making the most of a heat wave during spring, enjoying outdoor fun with friends.

June: hydrangeas, blossoming during this time of the year, everywhere.