The sea

My friend Maia has a project involving people who photograph in film and live or work near the sea and right now i'm trying to choose a picture to make my submission!
It´s an open call - if you are interested in participating look for more information here.



This last weekend the wind as crazy,almost cyclonic and it rained.
I noticed the trees leaves covering the ground in every garden or street i passed and enjoyed putting my green wellies for the first time since March.
The color palette is changing around me and i will try to make the most of it,taking lots of pictures and going for walks,even if it rains!
The pictures above were taken just two weeks ago and i post them here as a 'see you later' summer memo.



Last week i was in Lisbon to attend and photograph a  friends wedding.
Three years had passed since i was there and i only stayed for three days...i adore the light,the buildings and i miss a lot the few people i love and cherish there but i feel i have a different pace from the city where everything seems so distant from the next thing to see or visit and people run between to many tourists and traffic.
Maybe i'm really becoming a small town girl but i will try to come and visit more often, find a balance between Lisbon's rhythm and my own.
I hope i have nice pictures to show of  the ceremony in the next few days, i feel excited about making the photo  album, it will be my gift to the grooms.

A wink at Autumn

I recently thrifted  a mint enamel teapot & some awesome kitchen crochet handles.

 Although i dread the days getting shorter and cold i feel that it's time to accept the coming of a different season and purchasing beautiful objects helps a lot!


Say hello to Mora and Nico

Last weekend i was taking a walk around the neighborhood with my friend Carla and we decided to ring at Mora's bell to say a quick hello on our way home.
Nico welcomed us with a reverse serenade and we went up for a few minutes of chatting.

Her apartment is very tiny but so cozy and filled with lovely details, light and a lot of love.

A picnic in August

Here´s some pictures of a picnic i organized in the middle of August.
We went to a beautiful garden in the city named Palácio de Cristal - dogs were not allowed but we sneaked in Miga, Nuno´s dog in and it was one of the few time during that month were i could relax and be with friends.


July went by in a flash.
 I spent basically all my free time cleaning the house, trying not to go mad because my closet collapsed (all my clothes lying everywhere, like a bomb exploded in the room) and answering a lot of booking requests for the Guest-house.

Summer is a busy time for us and i'm very glad that we were for the last three months fully booked but i got overwhelmed by everything going on at the same time.

I work part-time for a big corporate phone company and spend 6 hours a day talking on the phone with not so polite customers and one day last month i just woke up and felt i could not go out of the house and talk to strangers on the phone anymore.
I had to stop and realize that i was having a nervous breakdown, went to the doctor and asked for a sick leave, so I´m home for  the last two weeks now and will be until the end of September.

I feel this is a good chance to change what´s in need of change.
Leave a job that for seven years allowed me to survive but now feels like it´s keeping me from being alive.

Will need courage, will need planning, but i'm ready.