Cute little face

   Since Cristina  first saw Tone in my pictures she has been in love with his cute little face, so today were are off to visit my parents house and allow that the two of them meet.
I hope everybody out there has a good weekend!

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  1. I find the last picture fantastic

  2. You take such awesome cat photos and photos in general. I got to play with a friend's cat this weekend and I even whipped out my film camera inspired by you, the camera has been neglected ever since it stopped metering. Need to take a few more photos so I can put the roll in for processing :) fun!

  3. It's a drag when the meter is not working :/ but you did well and do film photos, i already love your digital ones and i think you will do great in film too!

  4. Ohhhh! Cris is a cat whisperer....I am certain they will get along famously.....


    1. ahahah yes,she got him to sleep on top of chest -i took a lot of photos!

  5. Lovely! Tone is very cute indeed! And it's funny that his name is Tone, while my cat's name is Tove! :-)

  6. Anónimo20.5.13

    great shorts & beautiful cat! love the last pic especially.