A special cake

 Once upon a time there were a place in Porto called Suprematistas that worked as a flower shop and a cafe and were i was introduced to the watercress cake.
It became a regular place to go because me and my friends were fascinated by the color and taste of this treat but suddenly the cafe closed... now i was preparing a salad and got a like bit nostalgic about that taste.
Maybe i will get adventuress and cook a green desert for the weekend!

6 comentários:

  1. wow...watercress cake! I love trying random foods, will always be on the hunt for this now :P

  2. oh my, that colour is incredible! I wish I could taste it!

  3. Anónimo11.5.13

    A watercress cake! So odd and so fascinating, I wish I knew what that tasted like! :)

    1. let's all try a recipe and share :D