'So of course I miss you and miss you bad

But I also felt this way when I was still with you.'

The worst week of my year,so far.
The confirmation of someone very dear to me had cancer,
a funeral and a break up.
I pondered how much i should (or if i should at all) write about this in the blog, and decided to share this much.

Sometimes really bad events bring a form of relieve.
Obvious things are the first things we forget in the rush of everyday life and nothing we we might think we have is a certainty.

I have been touched for each and every one of this events and trying to allow myself to grow in the middle of all that is happening.
Not expecting it to be easy,but feeling strangely more alive and aware.

English is not my first language so i hope i'm expressing - at least a little bit of what's going on in my mind.

Thank you for reading and 'talking to me' trough the comments.
Real people in real life are important but so are you.

Have a nice week*

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  1. Oh my dear S. I am so sorry to hear this.
    You are brave and so wise - and you are right about growing. My eyes are watery now because I completely understand how you're feeling.

    Sending you hugs...
    I wish we could have a coffee and an ice cream together right now.

    1. A big hug back to you,dear C* -i have been hugging more in the past three days then in the last three years,i guess,maybe it's the best way of comfort ever.
      I wish you could be here forcoffee an a rush of iced sugar :)

  2. so many sad things in only one week. i can imagine it's hard, and i'm so sorry for you. i hope brighter days and weeks will follow. :*

    1. :)

      tomorrow is another day, the sun will shine and when it's the right time i will have my sunny mood again*

      xoxo Marlou

      (i'm preparing your letter right now)

  3. Oh, sweet girl, I hope you're alright. If there's any consolation at all in any of this, you know, we tend to come out of these dreadful situations much better people, with clearer eyes and bigger hearts.

    if you want to pour it all out in a letter someday, let me know! hugs.

  4. i've been in a 'place ' like this before and i got out,stronger and happier,and in the midst of so many stuff i can count on my friends to hold my hand,listen to me and take me for a ride if i forget and get too sad :)

    I would love to exchange letters with you Kelli!
    sent you an e-mail just now :)

  5. dear sara,
    sending you a big warm embrace through space.
    life can be so incredibly painful and sad, with all it's beauty.
    a very close friend of mine died of cancer a few years ago, and i feel i am still trying to grasp it.
    it stirred up so much inside of me.

    could write much more about this. and ask you many things. but i will leave it for now.
    take care.

  6. sara, I am so sorry to read about your bad week. such moments can throw you out of life and seeing things in different perspectives. i hope you are ok.

  7. Oh, I wish I could give you a tight hug right now. It seems that we all are going through hard moments these days. When I read what you wrote, my eyes watered. I´m going through the same now.
    It´s so hard to understand why, but I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason, even if we don´t know those reasons, with the pass of time we start finding those answers which seemed that never were going to come.
    In this moments, I think it is good to give yourself time and love and patience. Maybe life is trying to teach us something, giving us chances to do someting.
    English is not my languange too (i´m from Argentina) so I hope my message sounds nice and from the very deep of my heart. :)
    Smiling in these moments seems impossible, but I send you a smile of love and the eternal phrase "Everything is going to be okay, I promess".

    A big hug

    1. i think i learned to accept sadness,mourn,cry and then give myself the chance to be a better person and have a better live.
      Thank you for you words,Evelyn and take care*

  8. I'm so sorry to hear :( I lost my grandma to aggressive cancer a few months ago, it was a shock and happened very quickly, sometimes very horribly things happen and all we can do is show kind-ness to those going through it. Definitely sending you nice thoughts and well wishes :) By the way your English is amazing!

  9. Respostas
    1. xoxo Lisa (we are almost meeting in person!)

  10. i'm really sorry about your terrible week. give yourself a moment to mourn each one of these events. take care.

    i send you a big hug ♥

  11. Anónimo27.5.13

    A big hug coming your way from me. Take care Sara.

  12. Anónimo27.5.13

    I hope the sadness passes quicker than you think and your heart will be filled with good news this week. :)

    1. <3 Katie (i wish i could tele transport myself to Asia and meet you and go for a photo walk ;)

  13. so sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time.
    it's crazy how alive and present you can feel during these difficult times - how raw and real all these emotions seem to become. i've lost two family members to cancer over the past few years too, so i can imagine how you must be feeling - sending you lots of strength and hugs! be gentle with yourself. xo

  14. It is not easy to express such intense feelings, no matter which language we are using. I am very sorry to hear you have to be dealing with all these sad events at once: sometimes sharing them helps, so I hope you've felt a little better after writing them down.
    I have to say that these beautiful and dramatic flower photographs are the perfect image of what you must be feeling at the moment.
    Take care dear, you are always brining such joy to me (and many others) with your beautiful posts - I do hope this bad moment will pass soon!

    1. Thank you,Polly :)

      it does help to write and to share what i feel,makes me feel less alone*

  15. Sorry to hear you're going through such difficult times. All these events will change you into a stronger person.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear the hardship you're going through. Sending you a big hug and smile from across the oceans.

    1. Thank you Anna, i appreciate it*

  17. Por vezes, a vida encarrega-se de garantir que não estamos demasiado confortáveis e é nessas alturas que todas as frases feitas fazem sentido. O tempo cura todos os males. Até lá, um abraço grande <3