Good morning world

This week i'm vacation time.
 The plan is  to write, read, walk and take pictures.
 It's not possible for me to leave Porto right now but i get myself pretty easily entertained and i always find it amusing to play the tourist in my own city!

6 comentários:

  1. I have the next four days off and mine look pretty much the same as yours, + sewing and letter writing. it's absolute bliss!

  2. i will do some letter writing as well :)
    im looking for a sewing machine to do small projects but had no luck so far :/
    Hope you enjoy you mini vacation Kelli*

  3. perfect vacation plan!
    it's nice to look at your city with a tourist eye ;)

  4. Yes, that sounds like a great plan!
    Sometimes, when it's not possible to travel, you have to make the most of your time at home!
    Enjoy your holiday! :-)