I've stopped in front of a lot of apartment and houses doors and been fascinated by them, my favorite of the recently spotted is the one pictured above - it reminds me of a big spaceship entry!

Miga, my black dog friend went to Barcelona for a 6 month stay and these last few days i've been feeling slower and calmer while watching everybody around me being busy, like bees dancing from flower to flower on an endless Spring fever.

I'm quiet and that's ok.

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  1. That apartment is really impressive! Certainly very original! It looks like it could be from the 60's, don't you think? The photograph is very beautiful too!
    I'm also really interested in other people's houses and in the history of buildings!
    Miga looks beautiful - I hope you're not missing her too much now that she's in Barcelona!

  2. I think it's from the 60's,yes!
    Porto has a lot of different buildings everywhere and the urban landscape changes so much,it's never boring!

    Miga is like a baby,she has two fathers and since they split the deal is half of the year here and the other there,she left a baby boy call Faísca (Sparkle in english) so i guess i have a little puppy to bond now <3

  3. You take such lovely animal photos :) Also that architecture is amazing, I feel like you wouldn't come across something like that in Australia

    1. Porto is great in that,such diversity of house styles,i much enjoy going out just for a walk and find something like this :)

      Miga is very easy to portrait,such a darling <3