After all

'...a vacation is not a matter of place and time.We can take a wonderful vacation in spirit, even tough  we are obliged to stay at home, if only  we will only drop our burdens from our minds for a while.
But no amount of travel will give us rest and recreation, if we carry our work and worries with us.'

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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  1. Anónimo2.6.13

    Such wise words :)

  2. Concordo plenamente, ja fiz ferias em casa ca em lisboa que me souberam pela vida. Trabalhando em Casa como eu, ha qq coisa de muito doce em ficar em Casa sem ter de trabalhar ou sair sem pensar nas horas por ter de trabalhar ;) bjs

  3. This photograph is absolutely perfect. How intense!

    1. By the end of the afternoon the sun enters into the living room and if there is some glass in the middle it always creates little rainbows!

  4. true that!
    beautiful light.