The sea

My friend Maia has a project involving people who photograph in film and live or work near the sea and right now i'm trying to choose a picture to make my submission!
It´s an open call - if you are interested in participating look for more information here.

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  1. Boa tarde! What a beautiful blog this is! (I jumped over from Schorlenmaedchen, and I'm a exchange student in your beautiful country!)

    1. Hello Anna!

      Are you living in Lisboa right now?If you ever come to visit Porto,please let me know - i would love to take a coffee with you*

      i´m scrolling your blog right now and i´m really happy you jumped from Schorlemaedchen to here,i´m loving all your pictures :)

    2. I will definitely, definitely go to Porto and will definitely let you know when I do! So nice to meet you :)