July went by in a flash.
 I spent basically all my free time cleaning the house, trying not to go mad because my closet collapsed (all my clothes lying everywhere, like a bomb exploded in the room) and answering a lot of booking requests for the Guest-house.

Summer is a busy time for us and i'm very glad that we were for the last three months fully booked but i got overwhelmed by everything going on at the same time.

I work part-time for a big corporate phone company and spend 6 hours a day talking on the phone with not so polite customers and one day last month i just woke up and felt i could not go out of the house and talk to strangers on the phone anymore.
I had to stop and realize that i was having a nervous breakdown, went to the doctor and asked for a sick leave, so I´m home for  the last two weeks now and will be until the end of September.

I feel this is a good chance to change what´s in need of change.
Leave a job that for seven years allowed me to survive but now feels like it´s keeping me from being alive.

Will need courage, will need planning, but i'm ready.

2 comentários:

  1. Hope you're feeling better, dear S!

    I vote for leaving what makes you unhappy.

    Have courage! :*