Last week i was in Lisbon to attend and photograph a  friends wedding.
Three years had passed since i was there and i only stayed for three days...i adore the light,the buildings and i miss a lot the few people i love and cherish there but i feel i have a different pace from the city where everything seems so distant from the next thing to see or visit and people run between to many tourists and traffic.
Maybe i'm really becoming a small town girl but i will try to come and visit more often, find a balance between Lisbon's rhythm and my own.
I hope i have nice pictures to show of  the ceremony in the next few days, i feel excited about making the photo  album, it will be my gift to the grooms.

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  1. It happens the same to me, but with the city that I live in right now, so many tourist it's caotic. Love visiting my mum's place in Galicia, so peaceful.

    1. i love Galicia in general!

      you should visit Porto :)