You can't live in an imaginary world and find something real

I've missed writing. i've missed the endless hours making lists,questions,long breathless sentences.
Sitting in a cafe,just looking around and feeling things coming together with a sense,making everything ok,even if the thoughts  i was pouring out  on the paper weren't the happiest ones.
  It´s been around two years since i have stopped  doing this in a regular way,and it hurted.
Until now.
Been writing a all lot more again,left aside my role as a firewoman,always prepared to answer to everyone´s emergencies and matters and returned a little bit more to myself.
It´s so easy to forget who we are in this world,to blend in and just disappear in other people expectations.
I´m trying to remember.
At the same time,decided that i would also try to share something other than my pictures and go away from my safe zone and write in english,think outside my everyday vocabulary.
Here  will be the place to come and keep some track of my growth on the big wide 'outside reality.
Hoping to create a little online time line tenderness.

2 comentários:

  1. I am super excited about this blog, dear S - congrats!
    Your photos are always ever lovely....


  2. Thank you Dear C*!
    i was just looking around flickr and your polaroids made me feel a little nostalgic because it´s been a while since a last used my beloved spectra-i think it´s time to get me a pack :D