Saving my eyes for the trip


A couple of weeks ago me & João went  to Marco de Canaveses (a rural city 50 km from Porto) do get some plants - we came to the knowledge that there was a Green House there giving the trees,vases,flowers - everything away because they sold the place and wanted to get rid of everything(!!).
We woke up really early and went there but when we got to the place there were a lot of people that already took it all and we were a little disappointed but decided to enjoy the trip, it´s been a while since the two of us did not got out of town together.
We discovered another greenhouse along the way and bought a beautiful Bambu tree and went exploring the roads with no signs and decided to get back to Porto by the river side.
I was so excited to be outside the city limits that forgot to take more pictures.
I just left the anxiety of capturing everything behind me and focus on my senses.
In being there.
It was a good Sunday and i intend to repeat this little car rides along the year.

4 comentários:

  1. that first picture is absolutely lovely
    just perfect

    1. :) thank you toi <3

      it was my favorite part of the greenhouse!

  2. ao ler isto fico com tantas saudades das minhas proprias 'viagens' de carro por estradas e terras portuguesas desconhecidas... que maravilha!

    e as fotos são lindas*

  3. obrigada, Joana :) gosto muito do teu blog*