Picnic Nostalgia

 It´s freaking cold outside and i´m dreaming of days where i can just wear a dress and sandals and go onto the streets for a walk,no need for heavy coats,boots or long sleeve sweaters.
It´s a good night to invite the girls and plan a picnic to celebrate Spring as soon as April warms up a little more!
I took this pictures in August, last year  - it was the first picnic i remenber beeing a part of  since i was a kid and it was a great afternoon.

2 comentários:

  1. so beautiful women.
    Pictures 1,4,6,8 are fantastic for me. When I saw this post I felt incredible warm atmosphere. Great work Sara. Beautiful moment was captured indeed.

    1. I feel grateful that my friends are great people and also manage to be great looking :)