Farewell 2014 - part II

July: Falling in love when all i thought i was doing was going out for a coffee with an old friend. Dog sitting & walking Nuno's dog, smiling alone in the street, listening to music all the time, sighing.

August: a beautiful and moving trip with my niece to a place where we spent a lot of Summer vacations, the perfect hot day.
Ending my afternoons writing letters and drinking cider, and for the first time in my life, having intimate conversations online with this boy i could not understand, but could not let go.

September: the month so far i took more photos, i just felt so in love i was in love with everything, including my body. 

October : Discovering i was with a serious health problem on my back, experiencing physical pain along with a heart being broken. Finding comfort in my plants.

November: A lot of time resting, some time helping out some friends on a very special shop, go treasure hunting with them, getting close to other people that were already in my life, taking pictures of their cats. Lies coming out into the open, me trying to make sense of it all.

December: Some frustration for having my body in this fragile mode, saying goodbye face to face to the boy, writing a lot for myself, writing him the most honest letter a girl could write, asking for a few answers and guide lines and getting some truth to be said out loud, finding my hardest questions being answered by silence.

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  1. The second half of the year perhaps was not so kind to you Sara but there was still a lot of love and beauty. I hope your body learns not to be so fragile and I hope you get lots more love and beauty in 2015 :)

  2. Que 2015 seja mais gentil com a gente. :)
    PS: te achei no facebook, mas não consigo te adicionar. :(

  3. I wish you a happy new year! :)

  4. ah so many changes in 2014, I don't like the hard times but they say they help us grow. I'm not sure what that means as it is so hard to see the positives when there are so many negatives some days but despite these hard times there are occasions where the sun comes through. And I hope that 2015 a little more sun comes through and makes your room and house so very bright :)


  5. your blog cuts straight to my heart. love reading what you write.

  6. september! <3 love the way you describe it, and how comfortable you feel with your body!

    1. :) i try, it is what we have in this life to call ours <3

  7. hope 2015 will be good to you my dear sara!

    PS - sorry for this comment spam.