Farewell 2014 - part I

January : crossing my favorite bridge, feeling the cold, loving the sense of freedom i get from walking alone.

February : wandering in the botanical garden, small but big enough to embrace me and make me forget about the world outside.

March: Matilde sun bathing in the room, on top of my desk while i was writing letters.

April: Ariana's birthday, celebrating Spring with friends and a lot of food in the city's park.

May: Visiting Raquel at her wonderful house, feeling summer getting close, warmer days.

June: visiting the beach on rainy days, the disclosure of several lies after a sleepless night.
My birthday, celebrated in two very different places. Wearing dresses all the time.

8 comentários:

  1. Sometimes years feel like they go so quickly with not much to recount for (at least for me anyway) but when you actually go through each month, it's so amazing to see how you evolve through all the happenings.

    1. and this year i almost did not wrote anything so i was having some hard time talking about what happened in the first months of 2014

  2. Such a wonderful year resume! I love the April photo so much!

  3. april is my favorite! it feels nice and warm to look back at beautiful things of 2014, it is all that matters in the end. bad memories go away!