The day i knew everything changed

I was in the passenger seat when i took this photo, the car windows were down and i could feel winter whispering goodbye as the warm breeze touched my face along the ride.

Slowly i felt aware that my feet had been pressing invisible breaks all this time. My entire being was  devoting its strength to stop the inevitable.

I had been in the passenger seat for too long.

We had wonderful travels but i never felt like i choose destination, i just went along the way, feeling  my presence was there to prevent disaster and chaos and sometimes something good would happen and that was enough.

It is not enough now.

I can choose. 
I was in the passenger seat for too long and now is my turn to drive. 

12 comentários:

  1. Fantastic, the photograph and your thoughts and your decision to drive! ♥

  2. I love this, I think I'm feeling something similar or as far as wanting to control and live my life exactly how I want - it's a nice free feeling :)

  3. i don't think you're going to regret it.
    good luck, have a safe drive

  4. sometimes i feel like i don't take control of my life enough as well. i think that's why i chose the word 'brave'

  5. I feel like giving you a slap on the back right now, just to boost that courage and heighten that conviction.

    1. i'm feeling that slap right now .D

    2. I hope you're having a good time driving yourself to places, Sara, places that you want to go.

    3. i am still on a bumpy driving phase but soon i will take off ;)