Fresh starts

I need to believe that i can start any day, at any minute what i have been postponing for so long.
I need to know that time is with me to cherish and not to swallow me alive.
I want to live breathing confidence although i do not know it all.
Any day can be monday, new year's eve, every minute there can be a fresh start.

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

12 comentários:

  1. That is so true! I feel like I should write down those words and hang them somewhere, where I can constantly look at them.

  2. Devia usar estas palavras como mantra a repetir todos os dias :)

  3. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, Sara <3

  4. thank you. I needed this :) comes in the right time for me. I need a fresh start ASAP, been postponing it, because of fear and insecurities (mine and other's) but... we can do it :)

  5. love it Sara, life is short hey :)

  6. I keep having these "restart" moments recently and you put them into perfect words! A restart is as good as any... no matter when. :)