Tomorrow will be, most likely the last day of my sick leave.
I have treasured very much each day spent at home, spending quality time hanging around with the cats, taking pictures - relearning to relax.
I feel better but not quite ok to return to work, but i don´t know if it will be possible to extend the leave and i don´t want to run or hide from the fact that this job is something to be over with until the beginning of 2013.
Tried my best to unwind during this time but now i want to focus for i did not yet found a solution for what exactly would make me happy in the job department.
Need a plan and faith.

Need to tell myself i can do this.


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  1. que fotos bonitinhas! o que mais sinto saudades é da companhia do meu gatinho... por isso percebo perfeitamente que guardes com carinho o tempo passado em casa...

    agora... coragem! apenas há que deixar os olhos bem abertos a outras possibilidades :)

  2. Adoro estar em casa com os gatos + o rapaz , deve ser a coisa número um da vida <3

    Agora estou a levantar-me :)


  3. Really lovely windows ... And we have the same enamel mint teapot.

    1. it´s my bedroom windows,one of my favourite things in this house :)

      and i love mint and teapots and that one in so precious to me!

  4. I love the quiet mood you've captured here -- and your curious little cat!! Your photos are beautiful.

    I hope you're feeling better and you find your solution soon too. Best of luck xx

    1. Hello Christine,

      i'm happy you like my pictures and thank you for your comment - now i´m going to read your blog :)

  5. Beautiful pictures. I can very much understand your situation. I have been so eager with getting finished with my studies, that just the thought of having almost an entire year more makes me so tired. I really hope that October can be a better month for you!

  6. When I look at your images, they are not only nice, they are artistic and could also have been part of a film.

    You have great talent for composition and light.
    And Location-location-location.... YOU found them!

    Best of luck!