While doing the endless task of organizing my photo files i found this pictures i took of Maia in the barbershop two years ago.
I love barbershops and i recall that Maia was the first friend that agreed to enter and ask to take some photos.
This reminded me to be a little more brave and look into the eyes of strangers more often.

 I have to recognize that what sometimes i consider to be 'my comfort zone' is simply just fear of the unknown and what i can not control.
People can be nice,Sara.

9 comentários:

  1. I exactly know how that is! I feel like I have made the same discoveries this semester abroad. These photos are simply art!

  2. é verdade! mas eu acho que regra geral somos todos assim. deposi há um ou outro momento em que decidimos ignorar a timidez :)

    as fotos estão muito bonitas... fazem-me lembrar uma barbearia na rua costa cabral... mas essa tinha uns tons azuis :)

    1. :)

      Adoro barbearias <3 esta fica nas traseiras do Lumiére,ao lado do Teatro Carlos Alberto!

  3. those are really nice!! i have just found your blog! nice pics over here :)