Home is were paper goods are

Ah, the office.
The place where i now gather years and years of hoarding of stationary goods and practice my most effective relax therapy: writing and preparing letters to send to old and new friends all across the world - and a all lot of them even living in the same city as i am, ahaha.

I treasure the idea of dedicating time and some old hand-written calligraphy to show my love, to let these people know they are appreciated and sometimes i slow my pace and make little tiny paper surprises,wondering about their faces when they go into the mailbox, when all they expect these days are bills and unwanted publicity.

Once a friend of mine told me that she used to imagine what would wake her up out of a hypothetical coma and she said :' i think hearing the voice of my kids would do it for me and for you dear Sara i always imagined somebody covering your bed with letters'.
i always smile when i remember that, i think she knows me well.

P.S. Thank you, C for your post and for making me come back to this very neglected blog.
(life getting in the way of living, as usual)

8 comentários:

  1. Continuas a fazer fotos muito suaves e acolhedoras.

  2. handwritten letters make the heart grow fonder ♥
    i smile, every time :)

    1. i would love to send you a postcard or a letter!do you want to be my penpal? :)

    2. oh, darling i'd love to!! :D
      email me at toi.assanelli [at] gmail dot com so we can exchange addresses ♥♥♥

    3. Just sent you my email :)

  3. Truly Truest Truth: "Home is were paper goods are". I was in a craft store today. I guess I was there two hours:)
    Sara, Your letter brought home my roommate, Maja and said: 'who likes you in Portugal?' and I was so happy (I saw a swan on the envelope:)

    1. :D

      i'm exactly the same,if i enter in a stationary/crafts store i can be there a all lot of time too!