A few months after we moved in to this house we started to recognize the stray cats in our street and sometimes stayed outside playing a little,dreaming of taking one of them home.
There was a hole bunch of  kitties with two, maybe three months old and everybody that passed by loved an unusual white one with amazing blue eyes, but my heart was with this little black one that hid beneath the street dumpster, always sneezing and looking worryingly sick.

One day when i got home João surprised me at the door holding Simão.
He had indeed a really bad cold but we took him to the vet, he got better and although the vet said that Simão was always going to be tiny and weak he grew up to be a big energetic panther that was left with  only one particular sequel fom his earlier disease: Simão breathes in a funny weird sort of way, he has many 'voices' and makes everybody that visits our home laugh a lot.
His favorite hobbies are running like a horse,stalk Matilde and sleeping on top of my face.

4 comentários:

  1. oh, that last one is just too precious!

    his adoption story is so sweet :)
    our little pixel likes to run like a horse, too!

    1. I love the sound of him running around the house :D

  2. awww! this is such a nice way to meet simão!

    ps- adorei conhecer o teu blog*

    1. tentarei actualizar com mais frequência :)

      Simão in snorring at my feet <3