Being happy is being healthy

More than one week in bed, facing horrible back pain, numbed once in a while with the help of drugs.

Trying not to fail and cave in the arms of frustration, thinking what is the lesson i can take out of it.

I miss my simple life.
I miss doing the dishes and going to the supermarket.
I miss writing letters and drinking apple cider with friends while talking bad things about lovers and the general lack of money.

I miss getting up in the morning and making my own breakfast and being able to take a bath without needing nobody to help me stand up.

I miss taking pictures and dancing naked and walking while looking at the sky.

Being happy is loving your body and not feeling lost in pain inside of it like a ghost in a empty shell.

I have faith that soon i will feel free and sane.

Pray for me, friends.

22 comentários:

  1. Oh feel better soon. Sending quick healing thoughts. xx

  2. oh dear, i had no idea you were feeling so bad!! Hoping too for that quick recover.
    Please take care!
    best wishes

  3. I will my dearest S! I hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. Miss you!

    1. Thank you Charlyn, hope you can come back soon :)

  4. hope you will get better soon!

  5. Oh no, this isn't a good update, pain is such a horrible infliction :( I will definitely keep you in my thoughts!

  6. Awww Sara </3 I really hope you get back to your healthy and active self as soon as possible. Sending healing thoughts to you!

  7. Eu não rezo (faith issues), mas torço pra que vc saia dessa o mais rápido possível. <3

  8. i do hope you feel better soon, my dear sara ♥

  9. Sending nothing but love ♥

  10. Wishing you will get better soon. Stay optimistic♥