Life lately

After almost two years of using anti-depressants and finally being able to have an existence without their support is like looking at things for the first time with such clarity and detail that is really hard for me to define.
Medication helped me but to make sure the help gets done it also numbs the senses at a certain point - i was not blind but i felt a thin veil around my life that is now unfolding.

Intuition is in the tip of my fingers, my body is so restless, my eyes so curious.
I no longer feel i am drowning in the changes happening around me i feel finally i was brave enough to take a dive and explore the other side of things.

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  1. :)
    Wishing you endless days of curiosity, exploration, and beauty <3

  2. I don't think I have read about depression in a more beautiful way and exactly how I would have said it if I was as eloquent with my writing as you. I hope you enjoy exploring, you never know what lovely things you can find.

  3. beautiful and brave to share it with us sara.

    much love to you!

  4. Ahh I love this Sara, so great and I'm so happy for you :)

  5. Love how you explain it Sara, so precisely expressed. It reminds me of a beautiful song called "I missed the moutains". Wish you the best exploring time, go for adventures! :)

  6. I am so glad you have taken such a brave step, dear Sara!
    Enjoy your new, beautiful life! ♥

  7. thrilled to hear this sara. time to get adventurous!

  8. Wow Sarah! I´m so proud and happy for you!! I know it is a huge change, but it is worth it. I always thought medication makes us somebody who we are not; and have us in stupid mode all the time, like you are alive but not totally. I´ve never taken antidepressants, but since I remember my mom does, trust me, it is horrible to see her in that sedative mode, like she is absent or something, maybe that is why i don´t take any medication.
    I´m so so happy for you. I think that it is in ourselves that we have the strengh to change, to love, to do and be sucessfull in what we want. We just have to respect, be patient and love ourselves.

    Enjoy this new stage natural thinking free-medication life!!!

  9. Bravo Sara! Que o teu tempo de floração se mantenha por todas as primaveras da tua vida :)