Farewell 2012 - part II

 July: Ariana in a good mood in one of the picnics made this year.

 August: Nuno and Miga (the sweetest dog ever) embracing while waiting for the sun to go down.

 September: Having a snack in one of the many afternoons where i had the house all by myself.

 October: Could not resist recording this moment of João taking a nap.

 November: came home after a long day,put down my sneakers and bag and getting ready to wear my pajama.

 December: Finish a roll of film in the bathroom mirror.

6 comentários:

  1. Anónimo10.1.13

    So beautiful. I LOVE your vintage style. The mirror shot is my fav. :)

    1. Hello Dakota,

      Thank you!
      i did not know your blog but loved every picture i saw there :)

  2. Wonderful reviews! So many pictures this year... what camera do you use?

    (btw, your bag is fantastic!)

    1. Hello Nit,

      Usually i use a Canon Eos5 but sometimes i borrow João's camera, a wonderful Nikon Fm2!
      i thrifted this bag last year at a FleaMarket,it one of my favorite bags :)

  3. adorei, que luz tão bonita em todas!