I'm still here

When i made my last post in October i truly thought that soon i was returning to my job and life would fall in to some kind of winter 'routine' but i´m still here resting,at home after one night in November when my appendix decided to show it´s existence and i had an emergency surgery to remove it.

It was scary.
The pain, the long hours waiting in the E.R not knowing what was wrong with me and finally the confirmation that i was going to be operated.
The last face i saw before going inside was João, kissing my hand and telling everything was going to be ok.
It´s been a week since i returned home and i've being living the cliche of feeling really grateful and free after those three days in the hospital bed.

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  1. ouch, ouch, ouch...

  2. !!!!!!

    I'm glad you are ok, dear!


  3. i am so glad to hear you are ok!!

  4. These experiences in life really makes one see how much one should value the health of oneself and one's family over everything else. I'm so glad you are ok! Thank you for dropping by a comment on my place. Our weekend was too darn short for any visits, but I have the feeling that this will not be the last time I visit that beautiful town!!

  5. I hope you can come back!